My Journey Down the Rabbit Hole

I believe in God, but my faith grows harder and harder each day. There is so much evil in the world, so many horrors and monsters lurking around every corner, living next door to you in some cases, parading this world in the open and daring anyone to say something if they know what's good for them. And my only solace is in the LORD, but, wait a minute, the bible tells me that God will return by wiping me and all those I love out in one fell swoop of holy heck. Here, I begin to postulate that either someone interpreted the codex incorrectly or God, turns out, is a lot more volatile than man, and Man is a cosmic asshole that swells with each minute that passes. Something isn't right in the holy land, and I want to know why because I owe it to my daughter when she begins to ask what happens when we die.


I am likely to go to the ends of the infinite darkness and back to the warming light to understand. Just remember, like you, I am a believer...mostly.